The Caspian Division is first and foremost a community, and as such the following Caspian Division Member's Handbook is designed to not be restrictive to our members freedom of expression, simply to ensure that all members feel welcome and able to contribute. Members are required to show respect to each other at all times. This handbook applies to all Caspian Division Fleet/Guild and games.

Section 1: Chain of Command

The Chain of Command is as follows:

Fleet Leader

Fleet Commander


General Membership (Member, Cadet, and Ensign)

Section 2: General Orders

Officers are those who have the rank of Fleet Commander, and Engineer. Officers exist to help all members of the fleet. As agreed to at sign-up to the fleet website, all people must have read and agreed to the Caspian Division. The Officers are responsible for taking action on anyone breaking the rules to ensure that the Fleet maintains a safe and friendly environment for all.

If you have an issue with an Officer then you should take the problem to the Fleet Leaders. If you have an issue with someone in the general membership, you may take this to any Officer or contact the Fleet Leaders. However, keep in mind that many problems can be solved by talking to the person you are having an issue with.

If a person outside of Caspian Division asks to talk to an Officer because of inappropriate conduct of a Caspian Division member, please refer them to the highest ranking Officer who is online. Persons outside of Caspian Division reporting issues should be treated with all due respect.

If you find a post offensive or distasteful, do not retaliate in the forums; notify an Officer. Remember that all members are entitled to their opinion, even if it is different from yours. Give them the respect that you would want to receive.

Section 3: Promotions within the Fleet

The Fleet Leaders and the Officers shall be in charge of all promotions, including what positions will be needed. Promotions to Officer ranks will be done on an as needed basis. When an Officer rank opens up, a post will be made in the Officer Forums and discussion will be had by the Fleet Leadership (Fleet Leaders and Officers).

Do not send private message, emails, or tells asking for a promotion to an Officer rank. Doing so will result in being put at the end of the list, not the top.

If, however, you feel that your rank as a general member (ranks such as: Recruit, Cadet or Member) is not correct, please contact an Officer or the Personnel Department.

Section 4: Violations of the Caspian Division Policies, Terms and Conditions, In-Game Channel and Vent rules or General Orders

Violations of the Caspian Division Policies, Terms and Conditions, In-Game Channel, and Vent rules or General Orders of an Officer or Fleet Captain (such as orders that may be given during STFs or Fleet events) are as follows:

4.1: Degree Definitions

A 3rd degree offense is defined as a first time or minor violation of a rule.

A 2nd degree offense is defined as a second time violation of a rule.

• The degree of a violation can be raised if the violation warrants it.

A 1st degree offense is defined as a third time violation of a rule, and is considered to be an Extreme Offense automatically.

4.2: General Offenses

Spamming or Flaming or Insubordination in the 2nd or 3rd degree and other violations of the Caspian Division Policies as needed

4.3: Extreme Offenses

Conduct unbecoming a member of Caspian Division (i.e. cheating, stealing of loot, scams, insults, threats, etc).

Taking items from the Fleet Bank that are not level appropriate or withdrawing item to sell is stealing(unless you are putting that profit back in the fleet/guild bank). All bank withdrawals and deposits are monitored by officers for this reason.

Flaming or spamming or Insubordination in the 1st degree and other violations of the Code of Conduct to such a degree that they are too heinous for a General Offense.

4.4: Warnings

Warnings of rule violations may be given in private message in game, in vent, in chat or in the forums. If a general warning is given to a topic in the forums or a group of people talking in game, vent or chat it is the same as a private warning.

You are given two warnings per incident before you are considered to be in violation of a rule.

When an Officer gives you a warning you should treat them respectfully and not respond with sarcasm. The Officers are not "out to get anyone" but to ensure the fleet stays a happy and safe place for people to play.

Section 5: Disciplinary Procedures

5.1: General Offenses can be handled by any Officer on their own as needed.

All members have the right to appeal any disciplinary action taken. Each member is granted one appeal per rule violation. To appeal General Offense see the Fleet Officer the rank above the one who took disciplinary actions. Officers reserve the right to forward any appeal to the Fleet Leaders.

5.2: Extreme Offenses are handled by the highest Fleet Officer online at the time. If needed, a panel will be chosen. The panel will often take place after preliminary action (such as muting, forums post being moved, etc) has already taken place and will only be called upon if needed.

All members have the right to appeal any disciplinary action taken. Each member is granted one appeal per rule violation. To appeal an Extreme Offense you must send a request to the Fleet Leaders who will then make a final decision on his/her own or form a new panel. The panel will not have anyone who was involved in the issue or the previous on it.

Section 6: Consequences for breaking the Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions, Channel and TeamSpeak rules or General Orders

6.1: General Offenses can result in demotions, promotions being held back, or temporary 'muting' (not being able to talk in Ventrilo, Caspian Inter Fleet channel or post on the forums).

6.2: Extreme Offenses will result in removal from the Fleet and Member Forums.

It is possible, but not always likely, that you will have the chance to be put on Probation for two weeks rather than being removed from the Fleet.

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