Caspian Rising has seven different ranks: Cadet, Ensign, Operations, MILGAMER, Engineers, Fleet Commander, and Fleet Leader.  Although you will gain different ranks within Star Trek Online ranging from Lieutenant all the way to Vice Admiral, within Caspian Rising, you will progress through the ranks below.  Within Star Trek Online, you can see your fleet rank by selecting "Fleet" from teh down arrow next to your minimap.

Cadet - The newbie rank. This is where the new member starts and there is no time limit to be in this rank; but remember we hope to see cadets wanting to get into the thick of things with participation in numerous missions to the projects.

Ensign - A recent member, one still "freshly pinned". We generally want to use this rank as a gauge to see what kind of participant you are. Like to work into chatting, this is a good place to start. Don't be afraid to ask that question that is bugging you. We strive to provide answers to many broad concerns whether it is about the Exchange or even Lore Questions that one will find at Starfleet Academy.

Operations - For members who have been part of the Caspian Division for a period of time, some will find Fleet Leader ALTS in this rank setting. A determination for advancement to this rank can involve participation in various events that fleet members can take part in including contributing to fleet projects. This rank also signifies one is very likely using Ventrilo on a full time basis. This is by the way a great way to chat about Star Trek Online, and get quicker answers and coordinating missions being carried out by fleet members.

MILGAMER - This is a specialized rank in Caspian Division, that is for members of the United States Armed Forces of all branches of the following, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Marines and United States Coast Guard. The MILGAMER rank is open also to those men and women who are serving in the Allied Armed Forces of the United States including, Great Britain, Australia, France, Germany and other recognised NATO Allies. Recently separated members of the Armed Forces can maintain this rank if they so desire or be moved to one of the other ranks of Engineer or Operations. Application for this rank must be made to Ballermaris, who is a Navy Veteran and he or those of his designation shall approve that rank within Caspian Division.

Engineers - The Craft Rank of the Fleet. Those that have toons who are at max crafting, this would likely be a good spot for those seeking leadership. This has some responsibility in helping with getting supplies etc.

Fleet Commander - Second in Command - Mainly home to most of the Fleet Leaders who have had a large number of ALTs.

Fleet Leader - Leader of the Fleet (Primary TOON Only)

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