Caspian Division Terms and Conditions


****Warning**** If we find/determine that you are using this site as a way to promote anything illegal, not only will you be blocked from the site, but we will report your IP address as such and block your IP address.  Caspian Division will not tolerate any types of illegal activities.


1.  I will Have Fun in this fleet/guild.

2.  I will not judge people.

3.  I will help other fleet members when I can.

4.  I will try and submit ideas if I have them.

5.  I will not misuse any of the access levels I am given in this fleet.

In Game Conduct:

YOU, THE PLAYER: In voice chat, we encourage friendly banter, trash talking, competitiveness, and joking. We do NOT under any circumstances, however, tolerate ANY form of racism or discrimination. We do not tolerate abusive conduct toward any other fleet member, nor any guests who may be in Vent.

1. Grievances- If, at any time, you have a grievance or are just not happy with some things, you are encouraged to speak directly, whenever possible, to a Fleet Leader. If you cannot resolve your issue, you may request a Fleet Leader Forum to discuss your grievance, but remember that the decision from a Fleet Leader Forum is final and not open for negotiation. Most importantly, NEVER trash the Fleet to other officers in the Fleet or to Officers in an allied Fleet. Violation of this section will result in immediate expulsion.

2. Honor your word. We require honesty and HONORABLE conduct at all times. If you commit yourself to an event or project for the Fleet, we will hold you accountable. We practice Honesty in all of our affairs. Duplicitous behavior, lying by commission, collusion, or omission will be grounds for reduction in fleet rank or even expulsion from the fleet.

3.  The Fleet Bank provides you, the player with access to equipment, tools, weapons, items and even in-game currency. If there are items you need, please contact a Fleet Leader or Department Head.If you should need equipment from the Fleet Bank, you may request it via Vent from any Fleet Leader, Department Head, or Crafter. If none are available, or if you are requesting an item that is not in the Bank, you should submit your request in writing on the Fleet Website (, Vice Admiral @Ballermaris, via the in-game email system. Your will receive a response to your email within 48 hours. Please remember that once you donate any item to the Fleet Bank, that item becomes the property of the Fleet. The Bank is run on the honor system, and HONOR is something we take very seriously. Any attempt to defraud the Fleet or abuse the resources will be met with immediate and severe consequences.

4. Leaving the Fleet- You are free to leave the Fleet at any time for any reason. We ask that, out of respect for the Fleet, you give us some thoughts as to why you have decided to leave, or speak with a Fleet Leader prior to leaving. Leaving the Fleet in this Manner grants you an “Honorable Discharge” (so to speak) and leaves the door open for your possible return. “Rage-Quitting” is Desertion, and any officer so doing is considered “Dishonorably Discharged,” with no possibility of returning to the Fleet.

YOU, THE CAPTAIN: All officers will maintain the dignity of the Fleet. Always be respectful of our members. Always wear the Fleet insignia on your uniforms and your ships.



Caspian Division is first and foremost a community, and as such the following Caspian Division Policies are designed to not be restrictive to our member’s freedom of expression, but simply to ensure that all members feel welcome and able to contribute. Members are required to show respect to each other at all times.

Section 1: Forums, Group Discussions, and Wall Posts

1. Be respectful. Remember that all members are entitled to their opinions.

2. Do not harass or insult other members. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

3. Do not incite flame wars. Posts designed to cause drama or to offend will be removed without warning.

4. Do not feed the trolls. If you cannot ignore a post which you find offensive or distasteful, do not retaliate in the forums, notify a Fleet Engineer, Fleet Commander, or Fleet Leader.

5. Do not post spam. Do not post advertisements or commercial links unless it is related to the discussion or thread.

6. Do not post sexually explicit material. We all adults, but this is not the place for sexually explicit material. If you are unsure whether the content you plan to post will be considered explicit, then contact an officer before making the post.

7. Respect privacy. Do not post information shared in confidence, contact details, or rumors relating to other members.

Section 2: Caspian Inter Fleet Channel

1. Be respectful. Remember that all members are entitled to their opinions.

2. Do not harass or insult other members. There is no excuse for resorting to personal insults during any discussion.

3. Do not spam or block other users. Posting commercial links not related to the current topic of conversation will not be tolerated.

4. Respect Privacy. Do not share your contact details or ask others to share their personal information in a public forums, unless you are okay with your information being public.

Section 3: Ventrilo

1. Be respectful. Always allow others to speak; deliberately talking over another user is not allowed, and could get you moved from the channel by a server admin.

2. Do not harass or insult other users. Abusive or offensive remarks will not be tolerated.

3. Do not engage in arguments, unless you are in the “Flaming Headed Discussions” channels. Provoking or responding to provocation in an argumentative fashion is not something Caspian Division condones. If another user will not change the topic of conversation when asked and no officer or fleet leader is present to moderate, leave the channel and report the offending user to an officer or fleet leader.

Section 4: General

Finally, any member can be removed from the fleet without having violated the rules above if they are found to have negatively affected the overall morale of the fleet. Such removals will only be in rare, extreme cases, and will require all of the Fleet Leaders to agree.

Targeted recruitment of members or participating in acts that have the effect of discriminating against, or segregating, members of the fleet are strictly prohibited and may result in removal.


Remember to:


1. Have Fun!


2. Don’t Judge!


3. Help each other out when you can!


4. Stay low on the profanity! (Don’t go overboard)


5. Ask questions! (If you have any)


6. Submit ideas! (This is your fleet, your ideas make us better)


Suggestions should be sent by either communicating to an officer in Vent or Game, or using the Contact Us link on the Website.

Section 5: Conclusion

The above Policies are not exhaustive and Officers may take action to limit any behavior they deem to be disruptive.

If you feel like a member has broken the above Policy or that they are adversely affecting the morale of the fleet then please contact an Officer as soon as possible, or alternatively contact the our fleet leader email address in complete confidence at  .


If you are unclear about any part of the Code of Conduct then please ask an Officer for clarification. The consequences of failing to abide by this code can be found in the Member's Handbook.



All members are expected to read and understand the Caspian Division Policies.
Failure to do so is not an excuse for not abiding by it.