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War Gaming has recently allowed the establishment of "clans" in the World of Warships, and as such Caspian-Division has been established as a Clan in World of Warships.

World of Warships follows a similary approach to game play like Star Trek Online, with allowing for Free to Play, as well as having Premium options. Fleet Leader Ballermaris has a presence in World of Warships and has also created a chat channel in the Teamspeak Server for use by players of World of Warship where active recruitment is now taking place.


If you do decide to dive into the World of Warships, you can once you have created your profile and upon launching the game can search for Caspian-Division Clan, it will have the shortened title of (CASP). Please remember all .RU email based addresses will NOT be accepted and you must follow all guidelines of both Caspian-Division and World of Warship player rules when it comes to game play.

We do have our own private clan chat channel that is up and running and availble in the port screen as well as the two other main chat channels that are the "Off Topic" and "In Game" Chat Problems.


Please feel free to contact me for anything you may want to know about. It has become more challenging and is just more than a shoot-up the ship game. Tactics are critical and with a varied number of "maps" there can be a great deal of enjoyment.






On prishel k nashemu vnimaniyu, chto byli neodnokratnyye popytki zaregistrirovat'sya na sayte Tays s pomoshch'yu Rossii .RU Email ADRESA.
Odnako my yavlyayemsya na baze SSHA Gaming Community i ne svyazany s kakimi-libo rossiyskimi uchrezhdeniyami ili organizatsiyami.
V rezul'tate, my ne budem utverzhdat' lyubyye registratsii, postupayushchiye ot lyubykh rossiyskikh baz adresov ili IP-adresa.

Poetomu, yesli vy popytayetes' zaregistrirovat' ot kakikh-libo rossiyskikh adresov elektronnoy pochty, oni ne budut utverzhdeny.

Vyzyvayet ozabochennost' to, chto my ne mozhem proverit' registratsiyu.


It has come to our attention that there have been repeated attempts to register at theis website using Russian .RU Email adresses. However we are a USA based Gaming Community and are not associated with any Russian agencies or organizations. As a result, we will not approve any registrations coming from any Russian Bases Email addresses or IP Addresses.

Therefore if you do attempt to register from ANY Russian Email Addresses , they will not be approved.

Of concern is that we cannot verify the registrations.

V rezul'tate lyubogo i vsekh, kto zaregistrirovan s adresom elektronnoy pochty .ru, ne budut utverzhdeny i ikh zaprosy budut udaleny s sayta. Lyubyye fizicheskiye litsa russkogo proiskhozhdeniya dolzhny byt' avtorami sushchestvuyushchego chlena.

As a result any and all who have registered with with a .RU Email address, will not be approved and their requests will be removed from the website.
Any individuals of Russian origin will have to be sponsored by an existing member.


Thank you.



Greetings fellow Caspian members/friends, in an effort to build upon the original goals which focus on the gaming community.  As we continue to work towards ways to help our STO community, we have found a partner (35th Attack Wing) in Star Trek Online to create a partnership.  We have talked with our Beta and Gamma fleets, and have decided it is a great opportunity to become a Beta under a more active fleet to help rejuvenate our groups.  We want to ensure everyone has the best opportunity to find gaming partners and playmates as opposed to just pugging.  We have added some of these players to our leader ranks, and they have added our leaders to their leader ranks.  We are looking for this to be a great benefit to our overall community.

This was not a focus on leadership changes or name changes, but a hard focus to help ensure our gaming community could leverage our relationship(s) to allow our community to have an additional pool of people and allow our groups to move to any game(s) our community thought best.  We have done this to help us grow our activity in TeamSpeak as well as a high-level unity.  This will help eliminate the ghost town in TeamSpeak, and hopefully rejuvenate our overall community.

We look forward to a longstanding community based on fun, friendly, and open atmosphere.  Our goals are to provide an environment where gaming friends/associates have like-minded ideas and have a willingness to help each other.

Enjoy the gaming community and experience that is Caspian Division.  Best Wishes Caspian Division Leadership.


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