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War Gaming has recently allowed the establishment of "clans" in the World of Warships, and as such Caspian-Division has been established as a Clan in World of Warships.

World of Warships follows a similary approach to game play like Star Trek Online, with allowing for Free to Play, as well as having Premium options. Fleet Leader Ballermaris has a presence in World of Warships and has also created a chat channel in the Teamspeak Server for use by players of World of Warship where active recruitment is now taking place.


If you do decide to dive into the World of Warships, you can once you have created your profile and upon launching the game can search for Caspian-Division Clan, it will have the shortened title of (CASP). Please remember all .RU email based addresses will NOT be accepted and you must follow all guidelines of both Caspian-Division and World of Warship player rules when it comes to game play.

We do have our own private clan chat channel that is up and running and availble in the port screen as well as the two other main chat channels that are the "Off Topic" and "In Game" Chat Problems.


Please feel free to contact me for anything you may want to know about. It has become more challenging and is just more than a shoot-up the ship game. Tactics are critical and with a varied number of "maps" there can be a great deal of enjoyment.






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