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Caspian Division which is involved on World Of Warships will provide players involved in the Clan Battles, microphone headsets, free of charge to players who may not be able to get them. Any member who is in World of Warships will be able to get them for use on the Fleet/Clan Discord Server. Players that desire them will be provided refurbished units from NewEgg which will be shipped to them directly. Send a request to , providing your real name, and mailing address as well as your player name in World of Warships. This offer is ONLY for the members of Caspian Division in World of Warships and who play the Clan Battles. If you desire to help fellow clan and fleet members, you can give a donation to Caspian's Paypal account from the front page. Thanks. Ballermaris

Hello everyone,

We are approaching the point where we must renew the Caspian-Division Web names that we have along with the Club 602 Podcast Support area. These reserved website names and other backbone support will expire on June 1st, 2017.

Norman who has out of his own pocket supported the website cannot no longer do this financially.

I have stepped in, and have taken over the control of the website portal, and to pay for it. But I cannot do this alone.

The costs for the renewal will be around $525-600; but this will carry us for the next three years.
Note that this is separate from the TeamSpeak Server that is paid monthly.

As we can pay the renewal fee with PayPal, I am asking for donations to the Fleet PayPal account which currently holds $117.

I am asking for donations to be sent to at PayPal so that we can get everything taken care of before the June 1st, 2017 deadline.

If we do not have sufficient funds to do it by the deadline, I will begin rolling back services of the website which will include the Club 602 Podcast support.

You can use the link for donations on the website itself to send funds to the Fleet PayPal account; so that you know that it went to the right place.

Thank you for your support for this endeavor.

Fleet Leader Ballermaris
Stephen E Sauls

The individuals who have been repeatedly registering in an attempt to gain access to the Caspian Division Website, please take note.


This website is a United States Based Gaming Group, and is not associated with Russia.


As such we will not honor ANY registrations with a .RU WEBMAIL address as this is being seen as hack attempts. All registrations are being purged from the site and will continue so.


Anyone with a .RU email address MUST be sponsored. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Please understand that we have to take this approach as we cannot verify all the email addresses as many are simply bogus and non-existant.


Thank you.